Locking up Your Luggage: What are the Benefits of TSA Locks

Kathelys Pereira

What are the Benefits of TSA Locks

If you’re searching for a new luggage set in preparation for a huge upcoming trip, or you’re on the lookout for a new way to secure your bags after your last padlocks let you down, the chances are you’ve seen . While a number of padlocks and suitcases today claim to be TSA-approved, this title will do little to impress you if you’re not sure what it means in the first place.

Following, we’ll explain the benefits of TSA locks, from convenient travel through security checkpoints, to simple ways of protecting your baggage from theft. After all, the last thing you want to worry about when you’re headed out on a new adventure, is whether your padlocks are going to stand up to scrutiny.

The Benefits of TSA Locks – Making Travel Easier

Simply put, the biggest benefit of a TSA lock is that they allow you to secure your case, and the valuable items that are stored within, so that you can enjoy your holiday and protect your property when your luggage is out of your hands. In other words, the benefits of TSA locks are similar to the advantages of any other padlock – they keep your luggage secure. However, the factor that makes TSA-approved locks different, is that they allow for the appropriate security authorities in the United States to search your bag and re-secure it without a problem.

Why is Being TSA-Approved important?

It’s important to remember, when searching for the benefits of TSA locks, that while your padlocks should keep your valuables secure, they also need to adhere to travel rules. At an airport, security officials have the right to search inside any piece of luggage to ensure that it is safe for travel. If you use a typical padlock to keep your case secure and your belongings safe, the authorities may have to cut the lock away entirely in order to access the inside of your case. Failing that, if officials cannot remove the lock, they may need to damage your expensive luggage to get into the contents.

On the other hand, if you use a TSA padlock within the United States, you benefit from utilizing security that has been carefully designed to allow access only to the appropriate authorities. This means that professionals can check your bag and re-lock the padlock to ensure it remains secured, without any unnecessary damage.

Using TSA-Approved Padlocks

One thing to keep in mind if you purchase a TSA lock and notice the presence of a keyhole, but haven’t received a key with your order, is that this is normal. The keyhole is intended for use by TSA officials, who can quickly unlock and re-lock the case with their master keys.

Also, remember that just because TSA officials can access your luggage doesn’t mean that it’s any less safe. Without an official master key or your chosen combination, no-one else will be able to gain entry into your suitcases. These padlocks are made use high-strength materials that are very difficult to break.

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