Last Minute Travel Tips for the Chronically Unprepared

Kathelys Pereira

Last Minute Travel Tips

If you’re used to the jetsetter lifestyle, then you should already know that there are plenty of things that can go wrong in an instant – particularly when you’re unprepared. From dead phone batteries to flight delays, it’s easy to fall victim to the pitfalls of sudden travel issues – so how can you avoid some of the headaches that might have a negative effect on your vacation experience?

Following, we’ve collected some of the simplest last minute travel tips around, for those of you who are too busy getting excited for a new adventure to worry about planning ahead.

1.    Track your Flight

If you’re flying to your destination, then it’s worth noting that delayed flights, altered connecting flights, and even cancelled journeys are more common than you might think. Installing a flight tracker application on your phone can be a good way to ensure you know ahead of time whether you need to re-think your travel itinerary. When it comes to last minute travel tips, flight tracking can keep you informed of cancellations, gate-changes, and delays, so that you don’t accidentally miss your boarding time.

2.    Protect Your Identity

The last thing you want to deal with during an incredible vacation experience is a stolen credit card, or someone accessing your identity from afar because they managed to scan the RFID chip on your passport, credit card, or driver’s license. Using an RFID protected travel pouch will help to ensure that you remain safe from digital pickpockets when you’re out and about – even if you’re dealing with some last-minute rush.

3.    Copy Travel Documents

In terms of last minute travel tips, this is one that you really should have done well in advance. Losing crucial travel documents can mean disaster for your vacation, so scan and print copies that you can keep on hand and even loaded onto external hard-drives in case of an emergency. You can also give a copy of your data to friends and families back home as an extra precaution.

4.    Check Your Trip Itinerary

Regardless of whether you’re happy to go with the flow on your vacation or not, the chances are that there’ll be certain places you need to go, and certain things you have to do during your journey. Keep yourself organized with a planned trip itinerary that you can load onto your smartphone and watch day after day. There are plenty of apps that can help with this last-minute organization, and you can even add notes, photos, and maps to your phone for a more comprehensive travel tool.

5.    Bridge the Culture Gap

Finally, why not make the most out of your next adventure by taking the opportunity to learn more about different cultures. If you’re far away from home, you might find that a translator comes in handy when you’re attempting to communicate with the locals. For example, translator with speech is a great app for easy translations, and you can use it alongside Google currency converter if you’re having trouble haggling for a souvenir.

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