How to Keep Your Pets Calm During Travel

Alan Morrison

Keep Pets Calm During Travel

Today, it seems as though more people than ever before are choosing to take their pets with them on vacation – rather than dealing with the worry and complications of leaving them behind in a kennel or with a family member.

If you’re considering taking your four-legged friend with you on your next adventure, then you’ll have a few more safety concerns to think about than the average jet-setter. Unlike the typical person, who might only need to consider things like what to store in their neck-based security wallet, you’ll need to think about everything from nausea medication, to how you’re going to keep your pooch quiet during a long road trip.

Following, we’ll look at some of the ways that you can keep your pets calm during travel.

1.    Use Nausea Medication

Some dogs and cats can appear to be stressed and frightened during a road trip not because they’re actually feeling anxious – but because they’re suffering from motion sickness. If you find that your pooch is shaky and listless – then it could be because his stomach is upset. Bring these symptoms up with your vet before a long road trip to see whether you can get some medication to settle your furry friend.

2.    Get them Used to the Car

If you’re thinking of taking your animal with you on vacation, it’s important that you give them a chance to get used to the experience of driving before you lock them into a vehicle for hours at a time. Imagine how you would feel being locked into a vehicle once a year just to be bundled off to an unfamiliar place. One of the best ways you can keep your pets calm during travel is to ease them into the experience with regular smaller trips in the car. Let your pet know that he or she doesn’t just have to get into the car when they’re going to the vet.

3.    Offer Plenty of Comfort

If your pet is unhappy sitting in the back of your car, it could be simply because he or she is uncomfortable. There’s a lot of jolting, stopping, and starting involved with a road journey, and your pet won’t be used to this experience. To help offer some more comfort, make sure that your pooch or cat has a comfy bed or blanket to lie on. At the same time, try to surround him or her with some of their favorite toys for extra reassurance.

4.    Try Distractions

One of the best ways to keep your calm during travel is to distract them with regular treats. Set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to stop every so often and give your pet a stroke, speak to them, and offer a handful of their favorite food or treats.

5.    Don’t Forget to Take Breaks with Dogs

While you can’t exactly let your cat out of the car to get a breath of fresh air during a long journey – if you’re travelling with a dog then regular breaks are essential. Make sure that you stop the car frequently and give your four-legged friend a chance to stretch out and relax.




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