Is Going on Vacation Good for You?

Kathelys Pereira

Is Going on Vacation Good for You

It’s an unfortunate fact that most American workers today don’t take the vacations they desperately need. Research has reported that an average of 40% of Americans don’t even plan on using the paid time off they might have access to, and the rest may hoard up their vacation days only to avoid using them out of fear that they might be replaced during a week-long frolic on the beach.

Although taking a vacation in this time of economic turmoil might be worrying, it also leads us to ask an important question: “Is going on vacation good for you?” The answer, in simple terms, is yes. From improving your attitude, to helping your heart, a vacation could actually save your life.

Vacations Eliminate Stress

Perhaps the easiest way to answer the question “Is going on vacation good for you?” is to ask whether you generally feel more, or less stressed after you’ve had some time away from work? Even just a weekend getaway can be enough to reduce your stress hormones and lower your blood pressure according to studies, so imagine what you could accomplish with a full week of R and R. From making you feel and look younger, to boosting your immune system so that you can fight off more colds during the year, eliminating stress with vacations could work wonders. Just make sure to reduce your worries even further by using a protected money belt to store your valuables when you reach your destination. Losing a credit card is stress your body can do without.

Look After your Heart

Studies have also shown that your heart could benefit from the occasional vacation too. In fact, the Framingham Heart Study found that women who managed to take a minimum of two vacations every year were eight times less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease. Obviously, when answering the question “Is going on vacation good for you?” it’s worth paying attention to what some time away from the regular routine can do for your heart.

Bond with Your Family

While sitting and watching television with your loved ones after a long day at the office can be a great way to unwind in time for bed, it’s not a fantastic opportunity for bonding with the people that matter most in your life. Vacations have a positive impact on families by allowing them to share a joined and unique experience that no-one else could possibly have. At the same time, by providing a chance to get away from daily stresses, vacations allow families to reconnect and recharge their positivity.

Be Smarter at Work

A vacation can be the much-needed break that refreshes your brain, particularly if you take the time to disconnect from electronic devices for a while and catch up on missed sleep. The more time you have to recuperate, the more you will be able to focus on tasks and improve your creativity when you return to work. In other words, taking a vacation could actually make you more productive in your occupation.

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