How to stay Safe on my next Trip

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How to stay Safe on my next Trip

How to stay Safe on My next Trip

The post-pandemic travel fever is getting more buzz as more and more countries are opening their borders to tourists and travelers alike due to enhanced vaccination efforts by their governments.

And while the travel industry is starting to take off from the pandemic-induced economic slump caused by the extensive lockdowns, this doesn’t mean that things are back to normal and you can start packing your bags and fly to your destination like you did pre-pandemic.

There are health safety measures in place and of course the old travel pro-tips that will always be useful for a worry-free and healthy travel experience for you and the people you will be meeting along the way.

Here at VENTURE 4TH, we see to it that you are well-equipped with the know-hows of safe travels. And with this in mind, we have compiled a couple of tried and tested tips to help you experience one of the best things in life; Travel.

So here are some tips on how to stay safe on your next trip.

  1. Get yourself fully vaccinated.

Get yourself vaccinated

This is the most important thing you have to do before you travel in the covid-19 era.

Getting yourself vaccinated will not only protect you from getting the virus but will also protect the people you meet along the way and your friends and family back home. Think of it as your small advocacy for safe traveling so you won’t get serious Covid-19 complications while you are away from home.

Not getting hospitalized abroad or on a foreign land should be your top safety priority on your next trip. This will immediately turn the supposedly great experience to a horrifying check-in to the hospital miles away from home.

  1. Research on your Destination.

Research on your Destination

Preliminary research is and will always be paramount when deciding for your next trip.

Much like buying a house in a new neighborhood, doing a thorough research on the places you want to visit will provide you with necessary info on what specific places are safe for travelers and what places you need to avoid. More than ever, you should consult US Travel Advisory as an official source on new Covid outbreaks at your potential travel destinations.

Remember, Knowledge is Power.

  1. Act like the locals.

Act like the Locals

Drawing attention while traveling to a certain country or place for the first time may attract criminal elements like theft, mugging, and worse, kidnapping especially in countries with high rates of these crimes.

Avoid wearing jewelry and expensive gadgets as much as you can as these are hot items to the eyes of thieves and criminals.

Also, avoid wearing revealing clothing especially when travelling to countries with strict religious practices as it would get you in trouble both with the locals and the authorities.

Pro-Tip: Getting a dedicated RFID Neck Wallet can be extremely handy for storing your immediate belongings and gadgets while sight-seeing. The RFID prevents data breach for your important credit cards and the neck pouch will make pickpockets think twice in targeting you. Plus, a Neck Pouch also serves as a Vaccine Card Holder so you can take it anywhere.

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  1. Take a photo or make copies of your Important Documents.

Make copies of your Important Documents

How many times have we heard about someone who lost his or her passport and other important documents while traveling abroad?

This is one of the most common problems when traveling abroad and still, many people end up with this awful predicament causing problems and anxiety on their travels.

This may be caused by misplacing them, getting lost on local transport, or theft.

So make sure you make copies of important travel documents either physically or digitally before you hop in on the travel train to avoid a bad experience.

Pro-Tip: Having a dedicated Minimalist Neck Pouch for your important documents can be a life-saver when traveling abroad. A good one to have too for your gadgets and credit cards.

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  1. Document your travels and keep your friends and family updated.

Keep your Friends and Family updated

In the old days, travelers and adventurers used to document their journey through writing or photographs.

They write letters to their loved ones to let them know that they are safe and to also share their adventures. It was both romantic and reassuring for their family and friends.

Today, social media has taken the front seat when it comes to people documenting their travels for friends and family to be updated constantly on their whereabouts.

It has also made communications faster and more efficient so keeping in touch with the folks back home is just a few clicks away.

So make sure you document your travels and let the people you love know how you are doing and where you are doing. It’s a sure way for safe travels.

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  1. Bring your own Toiletries.

Bring your own Toiletries

As the pandemic has caused more intensive covid health protocols especially in hotels and resorts, it is wise to bring your own toiletries to ensure you do not get into contact with in-house towels, face masks, soaps, and other necessities.

These current times require self-vigilance when it comes to one’s health and well-being.

Bringing your own toiletries will also ensure that you do not get others infected just in case various diseases come in contact with you on the way to your destination of choice.

Pro-Tip: Getting yourself a travel toiletry bag can help you organize important personal utilities with ease and free of hassle.

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  1. Watch what you eat or drink.

Watch what you eat and drink

Going on a food trip to a foreign land is one of the best adventures of traveling.

Having a taste of the local cuisine gives you a better understanding of different kinds of culture. It is one of the best ways to learn and have fun while you are away from home.

But with that being said, always be aware of the foods that you want to try.

Travel Diarrhea can hit even the most adventurous of all people. Meals are usually clean and safe to eat but always remember that they may not agree with your stomach.

Also remember to bring some medications for diarrhea, nausea, and for allergies that you may have to make sure your food trip doesn’t end up in the hospital.

  1. Always be Aware.

Always be Aware

Be aware of everyone and everything in your surroundings.

Whether you are inside your hotel, shopping for souvenirs at the local market, or just strolling along tourist spots, always be aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes, it would be easy to lose focus on your personal belongings while you’re busy enjoying the sights and sounds of your surroundings. This can be the perfect chance for criminal elements to strike and leave you shocked after learning you already lost your valuables.

Be extra vigilant with the people you meet, or the people you ask directions for as being a tourist or a traveler can make you stick out like a sore thumb in a local crowd. Thieves and pickpockets are always on the lookout for tourists and being extra careful on navigating the crowd can spell the difference between an enjoyable trip and an unforgettable time in the local police station.

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