How to Pack Your Luggage the Right Way

Fabian Obrist

How to Pack Your Luggage the Right Way

Packing up your luggage for a vacation may not be the most exciting part of your get-away, but the items you choose to shove into your suitcase will determine how comfortable you are by the time you get off the airplane. Let’s face it – as fun as flying across the world can be, it’s hardly the most relaxing experience.

Following, we’ll cover some of the best tips for how to pack your luggage the right way, so you can rest assured that you’ve gotten everything covered – from wrinkle-free clothing, to airport check-in security features.

1.    They See You Rollin’

By now, the chances are that you’ve already heard about the debate between “rolling” and folding your clothes when filling up your suitcase. Everyone from flight attendants to life-hack experts suggest that rolling is the way forward when you’re looking for ways to cut down on the amount of space you’re taking up in your suitcase. Rolling everything and slotting it vertically into your suitcase is the number one tip on how to pack your luggage the right way – simply because it will save you loads of space.

2.    Think Combinations

Want to cut down on the amount of unnecessary outfits you take with you on holiday? Stop thinking about the clothes that you might wear, and start thinking about the combinations you can create. Mix and match bottoms and tops to get more use out of an outfit, and use funky jackets, and accessories to change up your look.

3.    Respect the TSA Agent

This tip for how to pack your luggage the right way might not save you any time when organizing your stuff before you head to the airport, but it will save you the trouble of having to deal with a destroyed suitcase by the time you arrive in your destination. A TSA-approved padlock is the only way to secure your luggage. Not only are these little gadgets safe and durable, but they can also be accessed easily by TSA agents, so that they don’t have to cut their way into your bag!

4.    Organize Small Items

All of those miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and lip balm can easily get lost if you simply leave them to float around in the bottom of your suitcase. When you arrive at your hotel and you’re desperate for a shower, the last thing you want is to have to tear your luggage apart just to find your toiletries. Instead, learn how to pack your luggage the right way by placing smaller essentials into a mini bathroom bag that you can tuck into the top of your luggage.

5.    Prepare Offline Mode

Finally, this tip applies to both your suitcase, and your hand luggage. Before you hit the road, press download on the kindle books, podcasts, videos, and playlists you want to have access to on the plane, in your hotel room, or whenever else you might not have access to Wi-Fi. Nothing’s worse than sitting on a boring flight and discovering your tablet is useless when turned to Airplane mode.

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