How to Make the Most of Long Haul Flights

Kathelys Pereira

How to Make the Most of Long Haul Flights

Let’s face it, few people actually enjoy long haul flights. While a lengthy journey can be a great indication that you’re headed somewhere exciting and exotic, actually getting to your destination isn’t going to be much fun. While wearing a RFID-protected neck wallet can keep your valuables safe, you’re also going to have to follow a few tips if you want to safely survive several hours trapped in a metal container with your mind in-tact.

The following tips should be able to help you make some of the right decisions if you want to make the most of long haul flights, from how to sit, how to move, and even how to sleep.


Just like with any flight, where you sit on a long journey is crucial. If you want to make the most of long haul flights, the best option is the aisle seat. Unfortunately, no matter how much you might hope to avoid airline bathrooms, the truth is that you’re not going to be able to hold it for 6, 8, or 12 hours.

If your chosen plane has a three-row seat configuration, where there’s a row of seats on the right side of the plane, followed by seats in the middle, and seats to the left, try to get one of the aisle seats in the middle section. Not only will this give you easier access to the bathroom and aisle, but it will also give the other people in your segment two options of getting into the aisle. This should reduce your chances of getting climbed over significantly.


While lengthy flights may seem like the perfect excuse to catch up on your sleep, it is important to keep your blood flowing properly when you’re sitting for long periods at a time. Passengers have even suffered from mini-strokes as a result of a lack of blood flowing to their brain.

If nothing else, moving might not be the best way to make the most of long haul flights, but it could help to keep you healthy. Use your bathroom breaks as an opportunity to stretch out your legs, take a little walk around the aisle, and shake your muscles loose.


One of the few benefits associated with long-haul flights is that they can sometimes be willing to serve free booze. As a result of that, many people use alcohol as a way of getting to sleep. Unfortunately, alcohol will dehydrate you – a process that is already happening when you’re in the air thanks to the incredibly dry surrounding atmosphere.

Instead of drinking yourself to dreamland, try investing in a pair of good earplugs and a cheap eye mask. These things should help to regulate your circadian rhythm by limiting your exposure to light. At the same time, travel pillows can be helpful to keep your neck in the right position, and reduce aches and pains when you do get back onto solid land.

What’s more, if you are wearing your neck security wallet, you can rest assured that your valuables will remain safe and secure while you nap – even when the people in the surrounding seats seem less than trustworthy.

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