How Hidden Money Belts Keep Your Valuables Safe

Kathelys Pereira

How Hidden Money Belts Keep Your Valuables Safe

Far more secure than any standard travel wallet, hidden money belts are the key to keeping your valuables secure on your next vacation. For those in search of peace of mind when visiting foreign countries and unfamiliar territories, durable money belts offer a practically invisible solution to storing and organizing your travel essentials. After all, if a thief can’t see that you’re carrying something expensive – they’ll be much less likely to try and steal it.

Money belts are small, zippered fabric pouches that generally fasten around the waist underneath your skirt or pants. While many people wear the belt over their stomach, others find it more comfortable to slide the opening around to the small of their back. At the same time, some people prefer to use a neck pouch that’s worn like a necklace beneath the shirt. Whatever appeals to you, the money belt design works to keep you protected from pickpockets and criminals alike.

Using a Hidden Money Belt

Money belts aren’t huge – if they were, they’d stand out when you tried to hide them beneath your clothes. Instead, they offer just enough room to keep your credit cards, cash, debit cards, and passports hidden away behind a layer of water-resistant fabric. Often, money belts give travelers the opportunity to enjoy their holiday without having to worry about constantly keeping an eye on a purse or wallet, and some are so comfortable that you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing them in the first place! In fact, you might find that over time you’re only truly uncomfortable when you’re not wearing your money belt!

Just remember that while money belts are an ideal way to keep your valuables secure – they only work if you situate them properly underneath your clothes. If you need to access your emergency cash to pay for something, make sure that you tuck the money belt away back underneath your clothing as soon as you’re done. At the same time, if you can, try to only get objects out of your belt when there’s no-one around to see you.

Hidden Money Belts Can Only Do So Much

As beneficial as hidden money belts can be, it’s still up to you to be careful with your valuables. For example, you should:

  • Never leave a money belt hidden on the beach while you’re swimming
  • Never leave a money belt unattended when sleeping on overnight trains
  • Never wear your money belt over your clothing like a fanny pack – thieves assume this is where travelers and tourists keep the majority of their money
  • Avoid using your money belt to store all of your money – your belt is the deep storage solution for keeping valuables safe and secret – only store emergency cash here

For daily shopping and convenience, make sure that you carry plenty of spending money in your pocket or purse. Although this cash will be more accessible to thieves, it’ll also be easier for you to use without flashing your hidden security to everyone.

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