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Travel Beauty Tips

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, the chances are that when you travel, you’re going to want to look incredible upon arrival. The only problem is that whether you’re headed to a family vacation, taking a flight for a weekend vacation, or jetting halfway across the world for business, you’re going to have some stress to deal with. Add the less-than-ideal beauty conditions of travel into the mix and you’re left with drastically reduced chances of a stunning appearance when you collect your baggage.

Fortunately, many experts suggest that beauty and travel don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, with a couple of beauty survival tips on hand, you can face your next vacation looking more radiant than ever. Heck, you can even give those gorgeous flight attendants a run for their money.

Following, we’re going to offer some useful tips and tricks that could help you to stay feeling fresh and beautiful on your next flight. After all, there’s more to having a wonderful vacation than keeping your cash safe with a hidden money wallet.

Fly Away with Flawless Skin

1.    Downsize Your Beauty Bag

You may think that every item in your makeup make is a must-have addition to your collection, but you’re going to need to minimize when you’re heading a trip. There are plenty of reasons why down-sizing is a good idea – and I’m not just talking about the 3-ounce rule imposed by the TSA.

If you’re worried that you’re going to shrivel up without your favorite serum, or need a specific product for problem skin, you can fill up miniature bottles to make sure that you’re not over-packing. In fact, some brands even offer travel-size products for this specific occasion!

Just remember, you should keep your beauty must-haves in your hand-luggage. Don’t be tempted to place them in your hidden money wallet for easy access – as this will mean flashing your expensive belongings to everyone around you – whether you’re on the plane, or in the airport.

2.    Forgo Your Foundation

I know – a day without foundation may seem almost impossible, but trust me, it’s worth the temporary discomfort. Stick to your specialized serum only on the day of your travel. You can use a tinted moisturizer if it helps you to feel better, but don’t go for anything thicker than that, as it will only end up drying out your skin – an issue that’s already pretty significant on airplanes.

Obviously, for men foundation won’t be as much of a problem, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider moisturizing your skin before and after you get on a flight. Adding some extra moisture to your skin should reduce the problems associated with itching and dryness that many frequent flyers face, and help you to fly away with flawless skin.

3.    Water Is Essential

Those tiny cups of water that they bring around during lunch time on the flight aren’t enough to keep you properly hydrated. The truth is that in-flight air is very dry, as every passenger cramped in that tiny space is breathing in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. In order to keep everyone alive, fresh air is constantly being pumped into the cabin, but that air is delivered at such high altitudes that it’s absent of practically all water.

Try to stock up on water so that you can drink at least one liter for every five hours of flying. If you can’t take a full bottle of water onto your flight – try taking an empty bottle with you that you can fill up at the tap in the bathroom. While the water you get might not seem to be the freshest in the world – it should be enough to keep you hydrated. Or ask the flight attendant if you can fill up your bottle with their water instead. More often than not, they will be willing to accommodate you.

4.    Stock up on Serum

Following on from the last tip about dehydration, applying serum is a great way to reduce the look of dry skin and improve the natural moisture barrier for longer, more successful hydration. At the same time – unlike standard moisturizers, your serum will be working to improve skin firmness, make your complexion appear smoother, and battle other problem areas all at once! It’s the perfect way to fight back against cabin pressure!

Just be careful that you only take a small amount of this, and other beauty treatments with you on the flight. While it may seem crucial to fly away with flawless skin, you also need to be mindful of the TSA’s rules for safe flying too.

5.    Use Lip Treatment Liberally

If your skin in general is capable of being dried out by the cabin air, imagine what it’s doing to the more sensitive skin of your lips. Protect your pout by packing a reliable lip treatment or balm in your carry-on bag which you can apply every hour or so when travelling. Some experts recommend medicated lip balms, because they’re less likely to rub off, and they can be worn alongside lipstick if you’re trying to achieve an extra touch of glamor.

Remember – this tip is important for men and women alike. Don’t be ashamed of using lip balm if you’re a guy – no-one on your flight is going to judge you.

6.    Soothe Your Eyes

Watching terrible in-flight movies or catching up on your reading during a journey can cause your travelling experience to go a lot quicker, but it can also mean that you arrive at your destination with puffy, red, and watery eyes. Not so attractive. To avoid this problem, don’t forget to bring eye drops with you on the plane to soothe and lubricate your peepers when they start to feel a little sore.

Artificial tears are often much more effective than standard eye drops – but you may need to speak to your doctor in advance if you want to get these for your trip. What’s more, if you’re a woman – avoid mascara. The chances are that if you end up taking a nap (we all do it!), you’ll wake up to find black smudges all the way around your eyes, cheeks, and even your forehead. At the same time, skip creamy eyeshadows that you can accidentally smear across your face during your snooze.


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