Expert Tips on How to Sleep Through Any Flight

Alan Morrison

Sleep Through Any Flight

So you’ve finally booked your dream vacation – the only trouble is that to reach your destination, you’re going to have to suffer a long-haul flight filled with crying children, cramped seats, and general discomfort. If you’re feeling a little anxious about your journey to begin with, the whole idea could seem like a complete nightmare.

While some lucky people can easily sleep through their flight and avoid all of the stress and worries that the rest of us have to face, if you’re not quite that blessed, it may help to know that there are a few ways you can improve your chances of drifting off to dreamland during your journey.

Beyond the obvious tips, like investing in an eye-mask, or paying more for a first-class ticket, here are some ways you may be able to sleep through any flight.

Choose a Window Seat

If you have the chance to choose your seat, pick one that’s located near the window, where you can lean in and rest your head against the side of the plane. This is much easier than attempting to sleep fully upright, or accidentally falling asleep on your neighbor. Another good tip when choosing your seat if you want to sleep through any flight – is to make sure you can stretch out your legs. It’s more than just a matter of comfort – being able to move your feet and relax is good for your circulation too.

Block Out the Rest of the World

If earplugs aren’t quite enough to help you drown out the sounds of noisy passengers, a better idea might be to invest in a pair of high-quality noise-cancelling headphones, and bring along your smartphone or tablet computer. With this combination, you can listen to your favorite shows, or even line up a playlist of relaxing music to serenade you to sleep through any flight. Be sure you bring a travel adapter plug along too, so you can charge up your tech upon arrival and prepare for the journey home.

Avoid the Alcohol

Although it can be tempting to have a cocktail or two before you board your flight – after all, you are on vacation – booze isn’t going to do much to help you sleep more soundly. Though alcohol promotes sleep, it only works for about three hours, and then you’ll wake up feeling dehydrated, and with a killer headache. If you want to sleep through any flight and still feel fresh when you wake up, don’t drink any alcohol.

Bring Your Own Comfort

Finally, sometimes kids have it right when they carry around their favorite blanket or teddy bear. If you’re nervous about your flight, or you know you’re going to have some trouble getting to sleep, make sure that you wear a good pair of socks, your favorite cardigan, and load up your most relaxing selection of music onto your smartphone. After all, falling asleep surrounded by hundreds of other people when you’re thousands of feet in the air is all about making yourself feel as comfortable as possible.

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