Easy Ways to Reduce the Stress of Travelling with Toddlers

Fabian Obrist

Easy Ways to Reduce the Stress of Travelling with Toddlers

There’s a reason why many parents avoid taking their toddlers with them on international flights. While it’s wonderful to take the little ones away on holiday with you and create some amazing memories as a family, the actual process of getting to your destination can be filled with more stress than its worth.

Of course, if you want to take the youngsters somewhere special that involves flying out of the country, or you’re taking them to see family, which involves a trip that might be too grueling without the help of air-travel, you’re going to need some tips on travelling with toddlers to help get you through the experience.

1.    Cut your Flight into Short Segments

If you’re going on a three-hour flight, then you’re going to need to think of about ten different activities that will keep your kids entertained. Fortunately, a few of these segments can be filled in by encouraging them to look out of the window and see the clouds or try to spot the earth below. Alternatively, children’s magazines, books, drawing utilities, or even a packet of cards for snap can all be quick and lightweight options to keep your youngsters happy. When travelling with toddlers, one of the best things you can do is keep them busy, so get brainstorming.

2.    Get a Tablet for Movies and Shows

One of the best things about modern technology is that it offers numerous forms of entertainment – particularly when you’re travelling with toddlers. If you have a tablet or large smartphone, you can download movies or television shows that your child can watch if your plane isn’t equipped with personal televisions for each passenger. Just make sure that you have a worldwide travel adapter tucked away in your hand luggage so you can recharge when you get to the hotel room.

3.    Download Kids Apps and Games

Another modern way to keep your kids entertained is with a selection of child-friendly games and apps that they can use on your smartphone or tablet. Just make sure that you switch your tech onto airplane mode during the flight. There are plenty of quick and colorful games out there that your child should enjoy, and you can download them in advance for a quick trial run first if you want. If some of the games and apps that you choose include sound, make sure that you bring a pair of headphones that your child is happy to wear, too.

4.    Take a Pillow

Finally, if you can encourage your child to sleep, then you will have found the ultimate way to reduce the stress of travelling with toddlers. Bringing a pillow with you will encourage them to settle in for a comfortable nap if you’re flying late in the day, particularly if you pair it with a blanket. Alternatively, if there’s no way your child is going to snooze before arriving in your holiday destination, you can use the pillow as a booster seat to help them see out of a window, or stay comfortable during long periods of sitting down.

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