Affordable Vacation Ideas for Active Families

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Affordable Vacation

When you’re taking a family vacation, the chances are that your most important goal is to create some incredible memories and bonding opportunities for you, and your loved ones. Whether it’s a long-awaited trip to a family member’s home somewhere across the country, or an incredible trip to a theme park, vacations allow you to indulge in quality time with your family that can be crucial for your relationships.

Unfortunately, vacationing with a large number of people can mean that you end up paying more for just about everything – from lodging and food, to entertainment and attraction tickets. However, if you’re on a tight budget, looking up a few affordable vacation ideas may give you the inspiration you need to develop a family trip that doesn’t break the bank.

Try: Planning a Staycation

Whether you visit a national park, check out a local city hangout, or visit a cultural destination with plenty of historical significance, sticking close to home can be a great way to get the vacation experience without many of the expenses often associated with travel. When it comes to affordable vacation ideas, looking for options close to home means avoiding the pain of airfare and expensive hotels, particularly if you can track down cheap tours and attractions.

Remember that doing something out of the ordinary – even if it’s close to home, can help to create a great memory-building opportunity for your loved ones. What’s more, it removes some of the threats associated with going abroad and exploring unfamiliar destinations – although that doesn’t mean you should necessarily leave your money belt at home.

Try: Getting Active

Most of the time, the majority of the activities you pay for during a vacation are passive, like watching a movie, seeing a play, or wandering around a theme park. However, if you’re looking for affordable vacation ideas, getting active could be a great way to cut down prices, while improving the opportunity for family bonding. Not only does taking a hike through a park or forest give you an incredible opportunity to explore nature and connect with your family, but it also costs a lot less than tickets to a show.

A few active ideas for your vacation include:

  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Walking tours

Try: Getting the Whole Package

While it might seem like a good idea to save money by searching different websites and comparison websites for great deals on lodging, car rentals, and airfare, there are usually opportunities available to save big bucks on enjoying the whole package. Online travel websites and travel agents offer plenty of package deals for you to browse through, so don’t forget to look at those before you convince yourself you can put together a cheaper solution yourself.

You might also want to look at booking packages directly through the airline, as certain companies are happy to offer fantastic deals to customers willing to be flexible with their hotel and airfare choices. What’s more, if you’re a loyal customer, you’re even more likely to score a great deal.

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