7 Awesome Things Your Hotel Will Give You for Free

Alan Morrison

Things Your Hotel Will Give You for Free


Free shampoo, conditioner, and Wi-Fi aren’t the only things that you can get for free from your hotel if you’re willing to ask. Hotels around the world – and certainly those located within the United States, are now catering to guests with fantastic ranges of hotel experiences, free snacks, and fantastic treats. Since everyone’s competing against each other to give their guests the best possible experience, it makes sense that new and exciting options are popping up almost every day.

Following are just some of our favorite free items that you might be able to snag from your hotel during your next vacation.

1.    Body Pillows

Missing your partner on a business trip, or in need of a little extra comfort for a great night’s sleep? You won’t typically find a body pillow in your suite or hotel room, but you can often request them for special delivery if you want the ultimate sleeping experience.

2.    Netflix Access

Make sure to pack your worldwide adapter plug if you’re headed somewhere overseas, as many hotels are now offering a free chance for you to catch up on your favorite TV shows. Either sign into your own account through a smart TV connection, or sign up for the privilege at a Marriott property for all the shows you want without spending a penny.

3.    Shaving Kits

If you forgot your shaving cream or razor, then you don’t need to worry. Call down to the front desk and ask for a miniature kit to be sent up to your room – equipped with everything you need for a clean, smooth shave on the go. Unless they’re priced on your hotel menu, these items are typically free for the taking, and a great addition to most travel bags.

4.    Notepads and Pens

Need to make a quick note? Don’t worry, you can grab a few pens and notepads from your hotel’s front desk. They should have plenty of these stocked up with their logo and hotel name printed onto them, and you can always take one home if you want a cheap memento of your stay.

5.    Herbal Tea

Most hotels will offer some complimentary coffee and tea services within your hotel room, where you’ll be able to make your own hot beverages using a coffee maker or kettle. However, you can always ask for herbal tea if you don’t like what’s offered to you on the tray when you arrive.

6.    Sewing Kits

Last minute clothing disaster? Call down to the front desk and ask for a miniature sewing kit. You can usually pick these up for a few dollars at a nearby drugstore, but save yourself the cash and grab one for free if your hotel is already fully stocked with options for hotel guests. There may not be one in your room, but remember that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

7.    Shoe Shine Kit

Finally, if you’re looking to make a good impression in a business meeting, and your shoes are looking a little dull, you might find that your hotel is fully prepared to send up a kit of shoe polish, brushes, and various other items.


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