5 Steps to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad

Kathelys Pereira

5 Steps to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad can be an exciting and memorable opportunity. After all, if you never have the confidence to step outside of your own country, then you’ll miss out on the amazing cultures, sights, and experiences that exist just beyond the ocean. Unfortunately, it’s important to remember that long-distance travel can bring with it a series of risks and concerns that you’ll need to think carefully about. Exploring unfamiliar territory can be dangerous – particularly if you don’t know how to look after yourself.

The following tips on how to stay safe when travelling abroad should help you to get the most out of your next journey, so you can spend your time cultivating happy memories – instead of worrying about potential risks.

Step 1: Get Prepared

Before you even set out to go to the airport, make sure you have copies of all the important documents you could need, including your medical card, credit card, passport, and travel itinerary. Once you have those, give one copy to a friend at home, and keep one set with you that you can hide separately from the real deal. Email pertinent information to yourself through an email account too, so you can access it from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection if a problem should arise.

Step 2: Separate your Money

While you’re finding a place to store your document copies, you should also think about how you’re going to separate your money. Credit cards and cash should not be kept in the same place. Instead, store enough cash for the day in your wallet, and leave some emergency money in a travel neck pouch that you can hide securely behind your clothes. This will ensure that you always have cash handy, even if you’re unlucky enough to fall victim to a pickpocket.

Step 3: Don’t Flash Your Wealth

If you’ve got expensive gadgets and gear with you, then don’t walk around with it on display – this applies to jewelry too. Wear a cheap watch if anything, and store all other valuables within your hotel safe before you go anywhere new. Some people find that they like to carry a decoy wallet with them too, so that they can throw that one at a robber if they end up in a difficult situation.

Step 4: Know Where You’re Staying

Keep the address and name of your hotel written in your phone’s notes, as well as in a notebook that you can carry in your pocket. To stay safe when travelling abroad, try to know how you pronounce the street name, and the name of your hotel both in your native tongue, and the local language for the best results. If you’re travelling with friends, ensure that they all do the same thing.

Step 5: Keep Track of Emergency Numbers

Although you might know your mom’s phone number by heart, a good step to stay safe when travelling abroad, is to keep a few important emergency contact numbers on you at all times, including the nearest US embassy, a local cab company, and the number of a nearby hospital or health center.

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