5 Fun and Affordable Summer Vacation Ideas for Families

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Summer months mean that the sun is out, and your children are free from the daily confines of schools and classes. For many families, this is the perfect time to head out with your travel purseon a world-wide summer vacation. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to bond more as a family, or you simply want to make the most of your time away from commitments like work and school for a couple of weeks, there are plenty of great options out there for adventurous families.

Following, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular destinations around when it comes to fun and affordable summer vacation ideas, so all you need to do is grab your travel belt pack, and be on your way!

1.    Walt Disney World, Orlando

This might be a bit of an obvious one, but the list wouldn’t feel complete without it. Orlando is always an incredible place to visit for families, thanks to its wonderful weather and amazing Disney theme park. Just keep in mind that when you plan your trip, you’re probably going to be looking for deals at the same time as everyone else. Be prepared for steep admission prices eating up the money in your travel purse, and pretty long lines too!

2.    London

It not might be quite as warm as staying in the U.S., but London has plenty to offer if you’re on the lookout for a great family trip. Remember to keep your multi-country adapter on hand so that you can charge your phone and camera, and go and explore the sights. From Big Ben – to platform 9 and three quarters at King’s Cross Station, you’re sure to find something for almost anyone.

3.    Cape Code

The multitude of beaches dotted around Cape Code mean that you won’t have to fight for a spot to lay your towel and relax in the sun while your children build sand castles. Older children will love the opportunity of boogie-boarding on the Atlantic coast, while novice swimmers can spend their days splashing around on the bayside, just keep your travel purse dry!

4.    Paris

Get a little culture in your next vacation by travelling to one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Paris is great for families who want to combine fun with educational opportunities and delicious food. Take your time exploring the huge landmarks, incredible museums, and wonderful art galleries, then sit down for a meal at a local French restaurant.

5.    San Diego

Recently, San Diego has emerged as one of the most fun and affordable summer vacation ideas for families in the U.S. Thanks in part to the 1,200-acre Balboa Park – which is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, there are plenty of things to enjoy and explore. Wherever you end up, you’ll find a host of fantastic opportunities for you and your kids to relax, burn off steam, and build wonderful memories. Just remember, the popularity of San Diego means that you will need to book your hotel well in advance if you want to get there during peak times.

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