The 5 Best Hidden Vacation Destinations in Europe to visit with your RFID Pouch

Fabian Obrist

The 5 Best Hidden Vacation Destinations in Europe to visit with your RFID Pouch

Although many travelers find themselves flocking to the most popular tourist destinations of the world – places like London, Paris, and Rome, there’s far more culture and beauty to discover across the globe than you might think. If you’re interested in a European adventure, the right neighborhoods, towns, and cities can give you a unique taste of a new culture – far removed from anything you have back home.

Here, we’re going to give you a look into the best hidden vacation destinations to visit with your RFID pouch, so that you have the inspiration you need for a more intimate experience of Europe. Just remember to take your worldwide adapter with you if you’re travelling from the U.S., or you won’t be able to charge your phone!

1.    Odense, Denmark

As the birthplace of everyone’s favorite fairytale writer, Hans Cristian Andersen, Odense is brimming with opportunities to peak into the life of the cultural icon. The city is packed full of attractions related to the writer, with museums to visit, statues and sculptures to pose in front of, and even a strange public bench.  Odense is Denmark’s third largest city, and besides the tourist attractions, you’re sure to enjoy the picturesque city streets that have been carefully designed for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

2.    Maastricht, The Netherlands

Though Maastricht may not have achieved the fame and popularity of Amsterdam yet, it’s arguably as beautiful and exciting as the big city. Lying across both sides of the Meuse river, the city is brimming with historical castles and stunning countryside to explore. What’s more, there are plenty of historical wonders to indulge in and discover. There’s even an underground tour of the casemates which is perfect for historians in the making. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore some of the area’s beautiful vineyards with your RFID blocking wallet too!

3.    Matera, Italy

Matera is a historical city with a rich and engaging culture, located only a few hours away from the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It’s perfect for a day trip or two, and was recently announced as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. Today, it’s said to be the most outstanding intact example of a troglodyte settlement within the Mediterranean region, wonderfully adapted to both its ecosystem and terrain. There’s a range of different cave dwelling districts to explore, and you can even spend the night in one yourself!

4.    Vezelay, France

Located within Burgundy, Vezelay is a beautiful hilltop town, and yet another UNESCO world heritage site. It’s famous for the St Magdalene Basilica, an incredible church that dates all the way back to the 11th century. During the summer, you can enjoy a burst of vibrant color in the city, and soak up the golden glow of a sunset if you feel like taking a romantic stroll along the streets with someone extra special.

5.    Torun, Poland

Finally, a world away from Warsaw and Krakow, Torun is one of the best secrets in Poland, and one of the best hidden vacation destinations in Europe. As the birthplace of the astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, the city is packed full of landmarks to explore with your RFID pouch, including a statue that was built in his honor. The location itself is best known for its marvelous gingerbread, which can be found in almost every store in the city.

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