5 Affordable Locations for Family Travel

Alan Morrison

Affordable Locations for Family Travel

Get ready to start packing, grab your travel umbrella (just in case), and ask your neighbors to collect your mail, because it’s time to transform your dream vacation into a reality. Whatever your idea of the perfect adventure might be, it’s worth noting that it’s probably more achievable, and affordable than you might assume. The truth is that there are dozens of great vacation locations on the market today that are cheaper to get to and better for budget-conscious families than ever before.

Following, we’ll cover just some of the most affordable and fun locations for families looking to plan their next big trip.

1.    Portugal (The Algarve)

The Algarve offers a wonderful vacation opportunity to families who like to spend their free time soaking up the sun and splashing around in the pool. For kids who want a little extra excitement in their adventures, however, the nearby “Aqualand” theme park stands as one of the largest water parks in Europe today, including a star attraction known as the “Banzai” – a slide 23-metres in length.

2.    Spain (Menorca)

Over the years, Menorca has earned a well-deserved reputation for affordable family-friendly vacations – with plenty of sea, sand, and sun to offer. It’s much quieter than neighboring islands like Majorca and Ibiza – which makes it great for families looking to relax without the all-night discos. What’s more, there are a number of great locations to explore, including the beautiful “BinibecaNou” – one of the most charming beaches on the island, or “CalaMacarelleta” – equipped with stunning turquoise waters.

3.    Scotland (Edinburgh)

If you’re thinking of taking trip somewhere in the midst of the summer holidays, remember that Summer equals festival time in Scotland. The Festival Fringe, which takes place across August, has hundreds of great shows for kids, including stand-up comedy acts particularly tailored to younger audiences. On top of that, there’s a great range of street theatre shows, all ideal for getting youngsters engaged with fire juggling and audience participation.

4.    Greece (Corfu)

Corfu is a popular location that attracts more than a million visitors each year (mainly during the summer holidays). If you’re looking for peace and quiet, choose a villa in the east Coast of Corfu, near the peaceful village of Kalami. On the other hand, if you’re hankering for something exciting to do, you can always try Avlaki beach up north, where youngsters can learn to ride horses and windsurf.

5.    France (Disneyland Paris)

Finally, if you want to get into your children’s good books – then you can rely on a trip to Disneyland to get you there. If Orlando is too expensive, Paris can be much cheaper, and packs plenty of rides and culture into a single vacation. While the youngsters enjoy the entertainment of Mickey and Minnie, you can enjoy the atmosphere associated with Paris’s reputation of love, fine food, and culture. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and all for a pretty impressive low price too.


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