The 4 Surprising Benefits of Winter Vacations

Alan Morrison

The 4 Surprising Benefits of Winter Vacations

As winter started to set in over the last couple of months, the chances are that you found yourself daydreaming about a trip to the Bahamas, or the next time you’ll be able to pull your BBQ out of storage. Most of us find ways to avoid cold weather whenever possible – ducking beneath our windproof umbrellas at the first sign of a drizzle. However, as fantastic as exotic getaways might be, there may be a great alternative available in the form of a true winter vacation.

When done right, a winter vacation can leave you with a range of surprising benefits that might have you wishing for snow all year-round.

1.    You Burn More Calories in the Cold

One of the most surprising benefits of winter vacations, is that if you use them to get a little bit of extra exercise into your routine, you might find that you burn away more calories than you would during the warmer months. Though pushing yourself to enjoy a walk, run, or even a bout of skiing in the cold winter air may take some getting used to, the switch will fast-track your metabolism, kick starting your body’s ability to burn away fat.

2.    You’ll Get More Vitamin D

Most people assume that they need heat to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D, but the truth is that all you need is the light of the sun. If you head out for a winter vacation, the chances are that you’ll be spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine, and getting your regular daily dose of vitamin D. Just remember that you may still need to wear sunscreen – even when it’s freezing cold, as you can burn in as little as ten minutes when unprotected – particularly when hanging out at higher altitudes.

3.    You May Find a New Hobby

Outdoor adventures don’t simply stop when the snow begins to fall and the temperature starts to drop – in fact the number of fun activities available might even get better. Layer up with plenty of cold weather gear and use your vacation to uncover a new sporting hobby like snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or even ice-skating. If your idea of a good time involves taking in some incredible sights, there’s always dog-sledding, and snow-shoeing to think about too!

4.    You’ll Reconnect with Nature

Finally, one of the less surprising benefits of winter vacations is that they’ll enforce your relationship with nature from a new angle. Between exercise, chores, work, and family life, it can be all too easy to ignore the nature around you. However, when you spend the time enjoying the beauty of winter, the chances are you’ll start to build memories and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Since being around nature has been proven to make us naturally happier, a vacation that focuses on allowing you to explore the beauty of the world around you could mean that you return to your daily grind feeling refreshed, revitalized, and better than ever.



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