4 Free Things You Can Get at Airports

Alan Morrison

Free Things You Can Get at Airports

We all love the idea of travelling for free, so why not start by stocking up on as many freebies and treats as you can get from the moment you arrive at your chosen airport? Airports have some pretty incredible amenities to boast about these days, from full-service spas, to golf courses in some cases. However, for budget-conscious travelers, some of the best perks you can get are the ones that come with the price of simply turning up for your flight.

Here are a few of the best free things you can get from your airport – without having to take your neck wallet out of its hiding place behind your shirt, or buy extra travel accessories.

1.    Power

If you find that your terminal is cramped with hundreds of people, the chances are that every available outlet for charging your phone, laptop, or tablet will be in use. However, if you’re quickly running out of juice, try asking the airline staff for help. Though it isn’t a guaranteed fix, as airline staff aren’t obligated to help you recharge your batteries, they can often give you some assistance if you’re willing to be polite, by charging your phone behind their desk, or under a podium. Remember to say “please”, though.

2.    A Tour

If you’re bored while waiting to board, and you need something to do to stretch your legs, try getting a tour out of your airport. There are plenty of great airports that offer complimentary tours for travelers that are passing through, and tours of places like Zurich International Airports are actually surprisingly fun and interesting. On top of that, there are places like Turkish Airlines that offer free tours of Istanbul to people who are stopping in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport – but you must use that airline to be eligible.

3.    Free Calls through Skype

The world’s first video booth for skype calls was installed into Tallinn Airport quite a few years ago now, but many people forget that skype is available when they want to catch up with friends or family before or after a trip. Most available Skype booths come with a video screen and a headset, so you can enjoy the full experience in comfort. Of course, if you can’t find a booth within your chosen airport, you can always use your own skype connection through your smartphone, tablet, or computer if you remember to bring a headset with you, and can connect reliably to the available Wi-Fi.

4.   Luggage Tags

Finally, they may not be the most exciting freebies in the world, but they can be useful in a pinch. Luggage tags are typically available from most airports for free, and they can be essential if you’ve forgotten to affix your own tags and you want to avoid the risk of losing your luggage. Remember, you should be filling out and attaching bag tags to each piece of luggage that you want to check, as well as your carry-ons too, so that your airline staff can identify your bags when and if they get lost.

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