3 of the Cheapest Vacation Destinations for 2017

Alan Morrison

Cheapest Vacation Destinations for 2017

When you start budgeting for a vacation, you’ll find that there’s a lot of different factors to think about – from how you’re going to save cash on those expensive flights, to where you’re going to get the majority of your meals, and how much emergency cash you’re going to stuff into your money security belt.

While airlines and hotels are important, it’s also worth noting that there are a few destinations out there that are generally just less expensive than the rest. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 3 of the cheapest vacation destinations for 2017, especially for frugal globetrotters.

1.    Bolivia

Described as the Tibet of the Americas, Bolivia is a remote, yet mysteriously beautiful location – and one of two landlocked countries within Southern America. Soak up the sun as you indulge in the culture and history of a Spanish masterpiece, with streets that are home to some of the city’s most preserved colonial buildings.

If you’re looking for places to while away your days during your vacation, you’ll also find that Bolivia is brimming with fantastic museums, including the home of Pedro Domingo Murillo – the man responsible for leading forces in the Revolution of 1809. Tickets cost practically nothing, which means you can enjoy a full day out for nothing more than a handful of spare change.

On top of all of that, this example of one of the cheapest vacation destinations for 2017 comes with plenty of inexpensive cuisine too, such as bottles of Pacena beer that cost under 2 bucks.

2.    Sri Lanka

Silken white sands, cloudy mountains, powerful waterfalls and tall palm trees wafting in the breeze – what more could you ask for from one of the cheapest vacation destinations for 2017. Sri Lanka is a tourist paradise, packed with opportunities to trek through jungles, relax on the beach, or simply enjoy a few plates of delicious local food. For less than $50 a day, you can live like a king.

Though tourism began to pick up in Sri Lanka during the 1960s, it’s somehow managed to stay relatively “under the radar”, meaning that it’s easy enough to pick up a great low-cost bargain. For instance, the Cinnamon Lodge boasts fantastic views, private Jacuzzis, and free champagne served by your own on-call butler, for no more than 80 bucks a night.

3.    Greece

Finally, due to the ongoing economic difficulties of the country, the costs of vacations in Greece are lower than they once were – making it one of the cheapest vacation destinations for 2017. While some of the more famous islands are still pretty pricey, if you’re willing to choose a quieter location, then you should be able to find a bargain without much of an effort.

For example, if you love the idea of cheap shots and pool parties, Ios is the perfect island for you, as it’s famous for its young crowd and all-night raves. If you’re more drawn to luxury and relaxation, then try a one day trip to the Gulf island of Hydra, about one and a half hours away from Athens for some of the best kebabs you’ll ever eat.


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