Celebrating the launch of our new Neck Pillow…

Grab your’s now for just £1.69. Saving 90% on the Sale Price.

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ARE YOU TIRED OF INFLATABLES AND BEAN FILLED TRAVEL PILLOWS:  Look no further, the ergonomic practical design coupled with a unique memory foam shape flawlessly supports the contours of your head and neck

THE EVERYDAY TRAVELLER : Is the grind of everyday travel getting you down? Why not arrive feeling stress free and ready for action. We spend 20% of our lives going from one place to another! Why not do it in style and comfort!

A NECK PILLOW ISN’T JUST FOR CHRISTMAS: If you look after your pillow it will last you! The washable outer cover offers you the opportunity to freshen up every few weeks and feel great on arrival! Try putting a few drops of lavender on the pillow for that heightened dream state!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Are Your Running This Sale?

We are launching a new line and want to create awareness around the pillows. So we are having a few flash deals to gather momentum


Where Is The Coupon Code?

On the next page. Once you put in your email address a new page will open up with the coupon code and instructions on claiming it. They are also emailed to you - Make sure you check all your folders...


Can I Use The Coupon Code Again?

Sorry, but you can't. Once a coupon code has been used it cannot be used again. Should you require another code please let us know.


How long will you run this sale?

Due to popular demand, we cannot run it for more than a few hours. So act quickly to avoid disappointment

Grab your’s now for just £1.69. Saving 90% on the Sale Price.

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